Our fabrics


Nonwoven fabric (SMS)

Example of our SMS nonwoven fabric


We produce three types of nonwoven fabrics, spunbounded (S), spunbounded-spunbounded (SS), or spunbounded-meltblown-spunbounded (SMS), providing it with increased layers of protection and potential for multiple applications.


Nonwoven Fabric "S"

Our "S" fabric is made with one layer of nonwoven material using spunbonded technology. Some of its properties include high tension to tearing, making it ideal for geotextiles, mattress production, filters, packaging, protective garments, and many more.

Available weight: 20g to 150g


Nonwoven fabric "SS"

Our "SS" fabric is made of two layers of nonwoven fabric using spunbounded technology. Properties for this type of fabric include high resistance, stretching, softness, strength, flammable retardation, protection against microorganisms like bacteria. It is ideal for the manufacturing of disposable medical garments used in the healthcare industry as well as food preparation.

Available weight: 30g, 40g


Nonwoven fabric "SMS"

Our third type of fabric is made by three layers of nonwoven fabrics: two spunbounded layers, and a meltblown layer in between, providing with additional protection against pathogens. This type of fabric is characterized as being lightweight and nontoxic. It can be easily sterilized and it is used for the manufacturing of disposable medical garments. 

Available weight: 35g, 50g