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Our story

UM Solutions LLC was founded in 2018 with the main objective to distribute and sell disposable garments and products made from polypropylene. We established a partnership with Polytex de Maracay in Venezuela and Rawlins Inc in South Carolina. 

Founded in 1989, Polytex de Maracay became the first company in Latin America to manufacture spun-bonded nonwoven fabrics made from polypropylene. By 1998 they began to manufacture disposable garments for export with clients in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.


Polytex de Maracay was the first company in Latin America to
produce nonwoven fabrics


We started to expand into the North American market by starting our focus in South Carolina and by leveraging our distribution expertise to the textile industries in South America through our company, Rawlins Textiles LLC.

Our partnership is key in providing us with competitive advantages in terms of manufacturing nonwoven fabrics for multiple applications and by offering excellent quality products at the best price.

We have the ability and capacity to manufacture different nonwoven fabrics that can be used in multiple and varied applications in the medical sector, food, and agriculture industries. 


Polytex de Maracay

We can manufacture nonwoven fabrics used for multiple applications



Why work with us

Our commitment is to manufacture our disposable garments locally, starting in South Carolina, and expanding to other markets across the United States in the medium term.  Our company focuses on three key areas to success:


Best quality products

Constant control and evaluation of our production processes, plus our strict quality control, allow us to offer products that meet the highest demands in the market.


Price value relationship

Our products are manufactured in Venezuela, the country with the largest oil reserves in the world and large polypropylene factories. We manufacture nonwoven fabrics which allow us to compete in terms of highest quality and price.


Opportunity within reach

With a presence in the United States, our Venezuelan factories are within reach (4 hours by plane and 5 days by boat), which allows us to meet your needs in a timely manner.


Personalized service

Your needs are our priority. Our goal is to provide our clients with personalized service that meet your needs and provides you with the right products, at the right time.  



Our team


Eduardo Rawlins

Eduardo Rawlins



Gilbert Rawlins

Gilbert Rawlins